The first ever cake that I attempted to carve and model, rather than just ice a normal round cake, was for my husband.  It started out as a disaster and turned into a master piece that I was really proud of and delighted my husband.  The cake had sunk, due to a misbehaving oven, to solve the problem I got my trusty caving knife out and started to cut round the offending bits.  When I had finished the cake surgery I looked down and it looked like the moon, then inspiration struck, my husband’s favourite hobby at the time was astronomy and I have enough off cuts to make a telescope looking at the moon.

Since then I have always made cakes for friends birthdays, you can make it personal to them and the fact that I have hand crafted it makes it feel like you have made a real effort I have learnt a lot over the years – for example don’t colour royal icing with the liquid food colour, it gets really sticky and won’t give you the colour you want, use a powder form, I buy mine locally at a little cake decorator shop in Chichester.

When ever people have seen the cakes the response was always that I should do this for a living.  So I have taken the plunge into the world of business and have started to promote my cake making skills.  I have been talking the talk for a few years but I am now walking the walk.  The walk has been a very twisty road and has required lots of back tracking but I can see a bright horizon now.

    Denise Chadwick

    I have always enjoyed creative pastimes, including modelling, art and card making.  It can also be said that I enjoy the odd cake so why not combine the two and have a sculpture you can eat! 


    November 2011